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Secret Santa gives out $100 bills to Hurricane Sandy victims

Report & Video by Ashley Fudge

A man posing as Secret Santa has stunned people affected by Superstorm Sandy by handing out $100 bills to help them through the Christmas period.

The wealthy businessman has been seen wearing a red shirt, white pants and red hat with the word "elf" written on the back instead of a Santa suit.

Secret Santa has been to cities across America from San Diego to Chicago.

In Elizabeth, New Jersey, unemployed mother of 4 Olivia Bazile was left stunned when she was handed the note marked with a red Secret Santa stamp.

"I have birthdays back-to-back, Christmas, and it's like, I have no income right now, and oh gosh, I feel like I just got a million dollars, it's only 100 dollars, but God is good all the time," she said.

The man behind Secret Santa is a close friend of Larry Stewart who for years handed out bills to unsuspecting thrift stores, food banks and shelters.

Stewart died in 2007 after giving away more than one million US dollars.

The current Secret Santa will not divulge his name and has refused to be photographed or filmed.


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