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Angelina Jolie on 'ugly fairy' Maleficent

Report & Video by Claire Lomas

Star of Disney's Maleficent Angelina Jolie spoke to us about playing the fiery villainess, her input on her costume and practicing a British accent.

On her character, she said: "I think she was described in the original book as an 'ugly fairy'.

She's not pretty. She's quite on fire and aggressive about defending her land, but all for good reasons."

The actress told of the input she had on what she wore when taking on the role of Maleficent:

"My big note to wardrobe and costume was to not basically turn her into somebody else.

"We went online and found these great men, these great leather workers, people that did these kind of more elegant fetish clothes and brought them in so they could play with her."

Maleficent is extra special for Angelina as it stars her daughter Vivienne as a young Aurora. She told us:

"Her siblings have seen it and they think she's the funniest thing in the film."


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