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Jersey Shore: Boys react to the show ending

Report by Sophie Foster

As the hit reality series Jersey Shore comes to a close, Paul DelVecchio has spoken about his experiences over the past six series.

"As we were packing up, I was looking at the house and thought, I can't believe this is the last time I'm gonna be living in this house. It really hit me as I was leaving. This is sad," said DelVecchio.

He also expressed his delight at the show having lasted so long, despite widespread criticism: "During season one, everyone said 'These guys' 15 minutes are up.' And then we had season two then three then four then five then six."

However, while this is the final season, the cast have no intention of fading into obscurity, with DelVecchio saying: "We're just gonna use this. Whoever is smart enough to make the right decisions will make it last forever. That's the name of the game: making it last forever."


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