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Tom Cruise: 'No plans to become a director'

Report & Video by Melissa Nathoo

Tom Cruise has revealed that although he loves making films, he has no plans to become a director anytime soon.

Speaking at the Tokyo premiere of Jack Reacher in Japan, Tom said: "I love movies and I enjoy producing them. It's just my love of cinema, so I have no plans to direct."

The Hollywood superstar happily signed autographs and took photos with the hundreds of fans who had gathered to get a glimpse of him.

Tom turned 50-years-old last year, but said he was loving acting more than ever.

"It's always a learning experience at any age," he said.

"Whether I was 18, you just keep learning and applying the things that I learnt about storytelling and cinema and I'm enjoying it now probably even more - which is hard to say - than I have. I love making movies and entertaining people."


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