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NTAs: Martin Freeman talks new Sherlock & more Hobbit films

Report by Sophie Foster, Video by Poppy Jamie

At the National Television Awards, Martin Freeman has been talking 2013 plans that include more filming for Sherlock and the Hobbit.

"Well we start in about March, so I don't know when it will be on. It will be on either the end of this year, or the beginning of next," said the actor about the award-winning detective show he stars in alongside Benedict Cumberbatch.

"I just texted Mark Gatiss earlier on saying 'show me a script you bastard!' It's great, because they're always good scripts and knowing you're reading a script that you're going to be in, it's lovely," said the star.

Speaking about his other plans for the next year, the actor said: "More Hobbit. Got to finish that off," revealing that the cast heads to New Zealand for filming at the end of May.


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