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Fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier revamps a train in Paris

Report & Video by Lauren Hood

Fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier has used his creative talent to decorate a train, which will travel between Paris and Rotterdam.

Disregarding the usual fashionable concern to avoid clashing outfits, both Gaultier and the Thalys train were clad in his signature white and blue sailor stripes.

The designer smiled for the cameras in front of the carriages emblazoned with his designs as the train was prepared for the journey to the upcoming The Fashion World of Jean-Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk exhibition at the Dutch Kunsthal museum.

As well as the iconic stripes, the train was embellished with a quick sketch and signature Gaultier added in front of crowds of photographers.

The designer said that designing a train that will travel back and forth to the Netherlands was particularly in tune with his creative vision.

"The idea of giving the train a makeover, of dressing the Thalys train up in sailor stripes, was funny for me and it's appropriate for Holland: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, the ports of Amsterdam, sailors, sailor stripes and everything else, I found it fitting.

"And what's more is that stripes symbolise speed!" Gaultier said.

He added that the theme of the display itself worked because it reflected his own journey from the Parisian suburbs to the heights of fashion stardom.

The exhibition will be open for three months and include 140 of Gaultier's pieces.


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