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BAFTAs 2013: Simon Pegg on new Star Wars film

Report by Rob Gillett, Video by Lindsay Brown

Simon Pegg has been talking about the new Star Wars films and who he wants to win at the BAFTAs.

The actor who appears as Scotty in the new Star Trek film, Into The Darkness, said the movie's director JJ Abrams is the "perfect" choice for Disney's new Star Wars films:

"I think it's great. I think he is a great guy for the job," he said.

Adding: "He grew up with that film and I think he is the perfect person to inject some life into it."

Asked who he thought would be walking away with the BAFTAs on the night, Simon said: "It's a great year and I can't call it, honestly. I saw some amazing performances and some great films.

"I hope there's an even spread because there has been some great stuff."


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