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Danny Boyle rules out directing next Bond film

Report by Sophie Foster, Video by Andrea Lilly

Danny Boyle has ruled out directing the next James Bond film, saying "I'm not the guy to make Bond movies".

"I love watching them but I'm better on a lower budget, slightly under the radar, with more freedom," he added.

The British director made the comments at the UK premiere of his latest film, Trance, where he was joined on the red carpet by stars of the movie, Rosario Dawson, Vincent Cassel and James McAvoy.

Dawson and Boyle were rumoured to be dating after working on the film, and she was his guest at the Olympic Opening Ceremony. But it was revealed earlier this month that they have split.

Boyle insisted they all became friends off camera, saying: "With a three-hander like this, casting was absolutely everything and we were lucky to be able to attract them to play the three parts.

"And they were great friends off camera.

"On camera you get the natural competitive instinct of actors to say, 'This film is about me'. And they do battle in a way."


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