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Hospital slams radio DJs' Kate prank phone call

Report & Video by Ashley Fudge

A hospital boss says he is considering legal action against an Australian radio station who duped his staff into revealing confidential details about the Duchess of Cambridge's health.

King Edward VII's Hospital Chief Executive, John Lofthouse, has said he regrets the breach, but also criticised the call made by two radio DJs.

The presenters, from 2Day FM, managed to get through to a nurse on duty caring for the Duchess and were told that she had had an uneventful night and had been given some fluids to rehydrate her.

The nurse went on and said: "She hasn't had any retching with me since I've been on duty and she has been sleeping on and off."

The DJs had put on mock British accents and pretended to be the Queen and the Prince of Wales.

Mr Lofthouse said the hospital was considering legal action: "I've received advice that what the Australian broadcasters did may well have broken the law. On the other hand they've apologised for it so we're going to have a long and careful think about what, if anything we do."

The prank call was pre-recorded and vetted by lawers before being broadcast to listeners in Sydney.

The Duchess has since left the hospital with her husband Prince William and is now resting at Kensington Palace.


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