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F1 looks to bring street race to London

Report by Josh Bloom

A Formula 1 street circuit has been designed for London, passing landmarks like Buckingham Palace and Big Ben.

Although the practical obstacles to bring a grand prix to the capital would be huge, interest in the idea is growing.

It is of particular interest to McLaren as they are a British based team with two local drivers, Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button.

Button was keen on the idea: "I think having a race in London would be more special. Racing around the streets of London, for me would be very patriotic. I think there would be a lot of fans out to watch the grand prix. The route, past Buckingham Palace, past Big Ben, Nelson's Column, it would be spectacular."

Britain already has a Grand Prix at Silverstone, but the virtual images of F1 cars flying past Nelson's Column, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and going down to one lane through Admiralty Arch will excite fans.

It's not the first piece of speculation regarding London picking up another race in the F1 calendar, there had been reports that the Olympic Stadium could be converted into a race track.


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