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Chilling details of Alps murders revealed

Report by Simon Parker

Three of the four people shot dead during the massacre of a British family in the French Alps were hit in the middle of the head, according to prosecutors.

Their BMW was discovered surrounded by spent bullet cartridges in a car park on the outskirts of a forest near Lake Annecy, a picturesque region popular with tourists.

Public prosecutor Eric Maillaud has said that a British cyclist stumbled upon the shocking scene and spotted a seven-year-old lying in the road with horrific injuries.

"The owner of the vehicle was British and he was the person who identified himself to the campsite," said Maillaud.

"He is presumed to be a victim and was accompanied by two women and two little girls. We can assume it's a family, although it is yet to be proved.

"We have been taking evidence, including DNA, which will be sent to the British authorities for confirmation."

The firearm used in the spree is believed to be an automatic pistol.

The two dead women were found in the back seat of the car. One body has now been removed.

The seven-year-old was taken to the nearby Grenoble University Hospital where her condition has stabilised following emergency surgery and doctors have said she is out of danger.

A four-year-old British girl was found alive underneath the bodies around eight hours after the initial discovery.

The murdered man has been named as Saad al-Hilli, from Claygate, Surrey.


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