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Freddie Flintoff weighs-in for fight night

Report & Video by Genelle Aldred

Former cricketer Freddie Flintoff will step into the ring on Friday night for the first fight of his new boxing career.

The 34-year-old weighed in at 15st 6lb and will take on the two-stone heavier 23-year-old American Richard Dawson over four two-minute rounds.

Flintoff has been trained by boxing legend Barry McGuire who says he should come out of this fight "unscathed" and his son Shane.

Criticism has been deflected by Freddie who says he wanted to have a go at this whilst he was "young enough".

The journey into his new career has been recorded for a Sky1 documentary and has been labelled by some as "car crash telly".

The new boxer said: "People wanted to see me get out first ball when I played cricket.

"You can't please everyone. The wonderful thing about Twitter is I didn't realise how many people wanted to punch me! I get offers left, right and centre now.

"There's a lot of people who are passionate about boxing and they want to protect it, but hopefully they'll see with what we've done....hopefully it will attract different spectators to boxing and it will show boxing for how hard it is, the sacrifices that fighters make and the journey they go on."


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