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Mancini: Balotelli bust-up overblown

Report & Video by Katie Lamborn

Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli will not face any disciplinary action from the club after manager Roberto Mancini played down the pair's latest confrontation.

Mancini has been photographed grappling with his fellow Italian in a training-ground bust-up.

It is merely the latest in a long line of controversies involving the maverick Balotelli but Mancini, who has given the player numerous chances to redeem himself, insists his patience has not run out.

Mancini said: "I will give him another 100 chances, if it is possible, if I think he can change. I am here for this.

"Sometimes I am upset with him because he doesn't do everything for this, but I give him another chance, sure.

"He is 22 and he can make a mistake."

The flashpoint occurred after a bad tackle by Balotelli on Scott Sinclair during a training game.

It was captured by photographers because City's Carrington training ground is flanked by public footpaths, a source of recurring frustration for the club.

Mancini feels the issue has been blown out of proportion although he admits he briefly lost his temper with Balotelli.

He said: "For two seconds, yes - during three or four seconds because he didn't want to leave the pitch.

"He can't do this against no-one, but then it was finished.

"It wasn't a bad thing like in the paper. The photo is worse than what happened.

"We were playing a game and Mario kicked his team-mate and I said to him, 'Go inside, leave the pitch'. He said 'no', and I took his shirt, I pushed him off the pitch.

"This is what really happened, there was no fight."


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