David Cameron has indicated he wants to serve in No 10 until 2020 as he prepares to unveil a review of how the Coalition has performed.

The Prime Minister has also warned Tory critics of the power-sharing government to "stop complaining" and insisted he would not turn back on same-sex marriage, child benefit cuts for the wealthiest and overseas aid commitments, according to the Sunday Telegraph.

Mr Cameron and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg will publish a mid-term review tomorrow of progress the Coalition government has made since 2010 and set out its top priorities for the rest of their term.

The Prime Minister told the Sunday Telegraph: "This is an enormous reform agenda and that's enough to keep us all busy."

The review is expected to include details of a cap on social care costs, which ministers have considered setting at £75,000, as well as pension and child care reforms.

The Conservative leader insisted he understood the impact cuts to child benefit for the top 15 per cent of earners, which come into effect on Monday, would have.

"Look, I have complete understanding for people who are having their family budgets changed and money taken away and if there is more we can do to make it easier for people, yes of course."

Asked if he would stay as Prime Minister until 2020, he told the newspaper: "Yes - look, I want to fight the next election, win the next election and serve - that is what I want to do."