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Douglas Alexander criticises David Cameron over Europe

Report & Video by Tom Ellis

Shadow foreign secretary Douglas Alexander has said the gap between David Cameron's party and other European leaders is "unbridgeable".

The Prime Minister is set to make his speech on Britain's future relations with the European Union in the Netherlands on Friday.

His official spokesman said: "The Prime Minister wants to set out his views on the future of the European Union, how it needs to develop and how Britain's relationship with it needs to develop."

Labour's Douglas Alexander, however, said Mr Cameron had "lost control" of the situation.

"The truth is he's lost control of the agenda and he's lost the control of his party on the issue of Europe... Whether he means to or not, he could be edging Britain towards the exit door of the European Union," he said.

"What we are seeing from the Prime Minister, sadly for the United Kingdom, is not a European strategy, it's a European shambles."

Referring to Mr Cameron's appearance on breakfast television earlier on Monday, he added: "He's been forced to take to the airwaves this morning to calm his party and he's been forced to take to the telephones to try and calm European leaders."

It had previously been thought that Mr Cameron was planning to make his speech on January 22, though this date was never officially confirmed.


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