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Business Secretary: We are helping SMEs

Report & Video by Ashley Fudge

The Business Secretary has admitted the Government needs to do more to promote schemes for small and medium-sized business but a lot of projects are working.

Vince Cable said a lot of money is getting to parts of the market including mortgages and big businesses but not so-called SMEs.

At a Q&A at Bloomberg, he said: "A lot of schemes are operating and are getting money out. It's not that we've been doing nothing. There's been a great deal that's happened. I'm just acknowledging we could do better. There's a lot of difference between doing nothing and doing a lot but being able to do more.

While addressing the audience on banking he also claimed reprivatisation "now looks a very long way off, unless at an unacceptable loss".

He was speaking as Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) was braced for criminal charges and a major fine for its role in the Libor rate-fixing scandal.

He dropped a reference in an earlier text of the speech to the bank being in "limbo" and toned down comments saying it should have been entirely nationalised.

"In many respects, this Government inherited from its predecessor the worst of all worlds - responsibility without control - but revisiting that decision now would pose major problems".


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