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Staines floods: "The worst we've ever seen it"

Report & Video by Ashley Fudge

In Tom Barwell's long life he has never seen anything like this, weather-wise.

And at 94-years-old he has seen a lot.

Carried out of his home in Staines by emergency relief workers.

Not the most dignified evacuation, but understandable in the circumstances.

After being gently put down into a wheelchair out of water's way and wrapped in a shiny foil blanket, the pensioner mulled over this latest development.

"Never seen anything before like this before. In fact, I met a chap back there who has been there 52 years who says its the worst he's ever seen", Mr Barwell said.

Staines is just one community badly affected by flooding and where many residents say help has not come soon enough.

The damage to properties, businesses and livelhoods has been estimated at billions of pounds.

That may rise further with the incoming of more bad weather.


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