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Artist creates beautiful pieces from dissolved animals

Report by Sam Datta-Paulin

When you open your fridge and see funny coloured meat, it is usually time to throw it away, but for 28-year-old Iori Tomita, it is time to go to work.

The Japanese artist has made a career out of transforming discarded carcasses from butchers or anywhere he finds them into glowing, luminescent artworks.

Since 2005, over 5,000 creatures have undergone a chemical process to strip them down to the toughest parts of their remains, before dying them according to the strength of those pieces.

The end results are a beautiful but bizarre testament to natural engineering genius.

Iori has become something of a celebrity, displaying his works worldwide - but this work is far from easy - each piece takes at least a few weeks to create - and some of the largest can take up to a year.


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