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Protests in India over US temple shooting

Report by Lisa Snell

Sikhs in India have condemned the shooting at a temple in the United States in which six people were killed and three critically injured.

Witnesses said the gunman opened fire at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin in suburban Milwaukee as women prepared a meal on Sunday.

"We call upon the government of India and the Prime Minister to lodge the strongest protest and ask for the safety and security of all religious places in USA not only of Sikhs," said Sudarshan Singh Wazir, former President of All Gurdwara Board, Jammu and Kashmir.

Four people were shot dead inside the sprawling temple, three were killed outside.

The lone white gunman ambushed and shot a police officer, a second shot and killed the gunman.

The Oak Creek Police Department confirmed it was treating it as a "domestic terrorist type incident".


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