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Man robbed on subway tracks then hit by train

Report by Sophie Foster

In footage that has shocked Sweden, a man has been captured falling onto the tracks at a Stockholm underground platform, before being robbed and left to be hit by a train.

The drunk, middle-aged man is first seen being knocked unconscious as his head hits the tracks, with a bystander jumping down to steal the man's valuables rather than to help him.

The man, who was hit by a busy commuter train, thankfully survived, but was seriously injured and had to have his left foot amputated.

"To me it's incredible that one could steal or rob from somebody who is lying in such a place where you know that, if I don't do something, then this person will, in a worst case scenario, get killed by the train that is coming," said policeman Dan Ostman.

Swedish police now hope that surveillance footage of the disturbing incident will help them find and arrest the thief.


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