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Afghan strategy to remain the same

Report by Genelle Aldred

Foreign Secretary William Hague has echoed comments by Defence Secretary Philip Hammond that there has been no change in tactics or strategy in Afghanistan despite an announcement that Nato is scaling back joint operations with Afghan forces.

Appearing before the Commons Foreign Affairs committee on Tuesday, Mr Hague said: "There is no change in strategy and I think the impact of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) announcement will be quite minimal on UK operations.

"The Defence Secretary referred on Monday to the fact that there were a number of measures to tighten things up under consideration and this is one of those.

"[The] ISAF are very clear that it is not a suspension of operations below what is called the Kandak level.

"It is about assessing and mitigating the risks associated with conducting partner operations but we expect any change or impact on UK operations to be absolutely minimal.

"The Ministry of Defence would be aware that a number of measures were being looked at to tighten things up."


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