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Jilted man kills six colleagues in Moscow shooting rampage

Report by Melissa Nathoo

A 30-year-old Russian man has shot dead six of his colleagues at a pharmaceutical company in Moscow.

Dmitry Vinogradov was granted access to the building as he worked at the firm as a lawyer.

He changed into camouflage gear and armed himself with two semi-automatic rifles, before shooting dead four men and two women at their desks. Another woman was wounded.

Following the rampage, Vinogradov gave himself up to security guards.

It is believed the lawyer had gone on a five-day drinking binge after being jilted by an ex-girlfriend - a pharmacist at the company.

At a court hearing for the case, Vinogradov said, "I didn't see another way out," and added: "I want to ask for forgiveness."

The judge ruled to detain the suspect for two months and gave the prosecution two months to present their case.


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