Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal has said that Israel must halt what he described as its attack on the Gaza Strip and lift the blockade of the Palestinian territory in exchange for a truce, that he said the Israeli government was seeking.

"We are not against calm (a truce) ... but there must specific demands ... in summary that the Israeli thuggery and aggression stop ... and the siege on Gaza be lifted," he said in a news conference in Cairo.

"Egypt was asked by the Americans, European parties and from Israel directly to work to realise calm. They (Israel) attacked and they requested the calm because their calculations failed," he said.

Israel denies its Prime Minister has requested a truce.

Meanwhile, the Lebanese army dismantled two rockets in southern Lebanon on Monday that security sources said were aimed at Israel, which has been launching air strikes on Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip.

The rockets were found in the town of Halta and were about 1 km from an Israeli military site on Mount Hermon. Both appeared to have been recently placed in the area, the security sources said.