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Male friend of Indian gang rape victim relives attack

Report & Video by Matt Blake

The friend of a 23-year-old Indian student who died after being gang-raped on a moving bus in New Delhi speaks for the first time about the attack.

The medical student died in hospital two weeks after she was attacked on December 16 on a private bus in New Delhi, prompting street protests over the Indian authorities' failure to stem rampant violence against women.

The graphic account from the man in a television interview is likely to add fuel to public anger over the death in a country where official statistics show one rape is reported every 20 minutes.

He told the Zee News television network he was beaten unconscious with a metal bar by her attackers before the pair were thrown off the moving bus.

They then lay in the street for 45 minutes before a police van arrived and officers then spent a long time arguing about where to take them, the man said.

Speaking in Hindi, the man, who has not been identified for legal reasons, said: "They threw us out of the bus near a flyover and also tried to crush us under the vehicle. We did not have any clothes. We waited there, hoping for someone to come to our aid.

"For more than 25 minutes no one stepped forward to help us. Then finally someone approached us and made a phone call to the police. Then three Police Control Room vans came to us but the officials first started deciding over whose jurisdiction the case fell."

Five men will appear before a court to answer the rape charges on Monday.

The friend added: "Despite all this the ambulance did not arrive, we kept waiting, hoping for it to arrive so that we could get admitted to any hospital.

"More than myself I was worried for my friend as her condition was getting deteriorated due to blood loss. Then I picked her up and placed her in the police van. And instead of taking us to the nearest medical centre they took us to the Safdarjung hospital."

"There is a need for change in everything. First of all like I faced that day, I was on the road in an injured condition and covered in blood. I was hit by a rod and could barely stand, I did not have clothes and the crowd of onlookers just walked past us," he added.


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