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Amateur video: Incredible Swedish robbery shootout

Report & Video by Matt Blake

Swedish police shot and seriously injured a member of an armed gang that robbed a jewellery shop south of Stockholm on Friday.

The gunfight that followed the lunchtime heist in Telgehuset shopping mall in Sodertaelje, 35 kilometres south of the Swedish capital, was captured by bystanders on their mobile phones and broadcast by Swedish channels.

Four men armed with AK47 assault rifles attempted to make their getaway in a stolen car while local police from a station 200 metres away responded to a call and there was an exchange of fire.

A 26-year-old man was hit in the head as the gang tried to escape, he was left on the ground whilst the remaining three gang members fled.

He was air-lifted to the Karloinska hospital where is suffering from life-threatening injuries, police said in a statement.

Later on Friday police reported that three people had been arrested on suspicion of taking part in the robbery. Two getaway cars were recovered and a fourth person was being questioned in connection with the crime and has been accused of harbouring a criminal.


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