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Exotic animal market draws crowds in Saudi Arabia

Report by Rob Gillett

Monkeys, snakes and parrots are being sold at an exotic animal market in the Saudi Arabian city of Jeddah.

The market takes place once a week and attracts hundreds of enthusiasts who are hoping to snap up rare creatures from around the world.

Animal traders come to earn good money and often train their animals in order to gain a better price.

Fahad, a young animal trader, hopes to earn more than a hundred dollars from an owl he has spent time training.

"Owls can be tamed in exactly the same way that hawks can.

"Now, this owl is domesticated. You can feed it with your hands, you can touch it," he said.

Another trader dresses a young baboon in baby clothes in the hope of fetching a higher price for the animal.

The market for exotic pets continues to grow in Saudi Arabia as keeping them is becoming a popular hobby for retired professionals.


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