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Scuffle breaks out on live TV in Lebanon

Report by Lauren Hood

A debate between two guests on Lebanese Al-Manar TV turned heated when one guest hurled a glass full of water at the other while discussing the Syria crisis - live on national television.

Guest Salem Zahrani, who heads a media centre in Lebanon and is known for his support of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad traded insults with the other guest, Asaad Bshara who opposes the Syrian regime.

Bshara interrupted Zahrani several times and the heated discussion quickly turned into a shouting match.

The host, Imad Mermel, tried to stop the interruptions but the two guests continued the argument.

The scuffle quickly grew out of control, culminating with Bshara hurling an insult at Zahrani, who in turn flung two glasses of water at his counterpart.

The host could be seen rushing in to stop the scuffle turning violent before the show was taken off air.

The show resumed after a commercial break with both guests apologising to the public.


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