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'Smash and grab' robbers target Peru drivers

Report & Video by Ashley Fudge

'Smash and grab' robbers have been caught on camera targeting drivers in Lima, stealing possessions in front of their owners eyes.

The opportunistic thieves who did not bother to cover their faces took advantage of traffic jams that have been clogging up the city in Peru.

Police video has been released showing the criminals in action targeting drivers as they contend with congested streets.

The young men are seen to use distraction methods to confuse the motorist who, after being initially stunned by their car being attacked, do not know which side to protect.

On some occasions the robbers have appeared to make off with bags.

In one video a police officer in a nearby car waves a gun out of his window and fires it to ward off the criminals.

Police say they have arrested members of the criminal group 'Los Coyotes' who have been stealing from people.

Officials say crime is not out of control in the area and point towards 'drastic laws' in Peru which they are confident will help prevent 'smash and grab' robbery in the future.


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